Christian Stewardship


As the first face most people see when they enter the church community, the primary role of the Minister of Hospitality is to make all welcome, whether they be parishioners, guests or visitors.
In addition to creating a welcoming environment, they are also responsible for ensuring the safety of all present and to lead in an emergency.
To fulfil this role, the Minister must be hospitable and able to deal with a range of potential situations.


To proclaim Scripture and the Prayers of The Faithful at Mass.
Ministers of the Word must be confirmed, practising Catholics of high school age and older. The ministry requires ongoing commitment to study and prayer with the Word of God.


To assist in the distribution of Holy Communion at Mass.
Ministers of the Eucharist are appointed by the Parish Priest. The ideal candidates are adult parishioners who are properly instructed and distinguish themselves by their Catholic Christian faith and life.


Sacristans assist the priest in ensuring that the Liturgy of the Mass runs smoothly. She/he prepares the church for Mass, including the altar, the sacred vessels and the sacred books, and ensures that the liturgical ministry positions are filled.
To fulfill the role of Sacristan, one needs to be reliable, able to work under pressure and have a good understanding of Liturgical procedures.

Altar Servers

To assist the priest in ensuring that the Mass runs smoothly and parishioners can pray and worship with minimum distraction.
To be an altar server, one must have received one’s first Holy Communion and be practising one’s faith.


The ministry comprises singers and musicians who provide a rich variety of music that is in harmony with the ministry of God’s word.


To design, display and care for floral decorations which are used for regular liturgies and special occasions.


Society of Saint Vincent de Paul
Catholic Women's League
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Life, Marriage and Family

The purpose of the Life, Marriage and Family Ministry is to provide or facilitate a suite of Catholic-based services and programmes to help parishioners cope with the challenges that they may face on the journey of life.

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